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- Maintenance is  easy on a flat surface and you can personally go up there to see what is wrong with your house roof.

- Because there is no need of shingles and other decorative materials on the flat surface, construction cost is reduced to a recognizable level. There are fewer complications while repairing the damages on the flat surface, which reduces the cost to a higher level.

- The composition of flat roof is easy to maintain and the system is structured with gravel and tar that offers it a longer life. Most of the flat roofs can resist the damages and can last for over thirty years.
– Ideal for buildings were lack of space is a problem



DPDM roofs are made of rubber. The material used is very durable and looks a lot like the material used in inner tubes. There are 3 different ways to install EPDM or rubber membrane roofing. It can be anchored using fasteners, ballasted or glued down. This material is one of the easiest of the different types of flat roofing. Leaks in this type of roofing are fairly easy to patch and the material is light weight, but very durable.




Roofing felt is a thin flexible waterproof layer laid on a deck to create a low cost watertight roof. Life expectancy is far less than tiled roofs, and is of the order of 20-25 years for better felts, and 5-10 years for the cheapest felt. A felt roof consists of the following layers;


  1. Joists, normally timber

  2. Deck, typically chipboard, ply, or OSB

  3. 1,2 or 3 layers of roofing felt